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Family Issues: Some people get in touch when they are at their wit’s end and need some advice, while others want to share an experience and tell people how they’ve managed to overcome some difficulties. Either way, do get in touch.

Fun & Happiness Stuff: A lot of people contact me after a great family vacation or trip because they want everyone to have that much fun. Please share your great fun day story, and we’ll publish it here.

Expert Advice on Food and Family Stuff: Please do get in touch if you are a parenting expert, psychologist, counselor or any other professional willing to share her/his expertise. On this website, we aim to provide as much professional information as possible, so any contribution would be much appreciated. In turn, you’ll get plenty of exposure and get to meet our many thousand readers.

Naturally, we like to hear from professional chefs as well, or nutritionists for that matter. Again, it’s about providing the best possible content for families.

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On many occasions, people connected through this website, and I always endeavour to put the right people in touch with each other. That’s why we now have such a great strong network.


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Regardless of the nature of your inquiry, please get in touch, if only to exchange a few words. We can all learn from each other, and I, for one, love connecting with people.