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Why And How To Start Incorporating Smoothies Into Your Lifestyle

Most of us would like to make some changes that could improve our diets, whether it is to help lose or maintain weight, or simply to keep us energized and nourished. Of course, it is best when these are changes that are easy to implement, and which also give us something that tastes good! Smoothies are a convenient way to enhance your diet and can have a lot of advantages when it comes to nutrition and health. When used as a meal replacement, they can also be great for keeping you satisfied while you are trying to lose weight.

Here is how to get the best out of smoothies as a regular part of your diet:

Try Including Protein

Smoothies made just from fruit and vegetables can be a nice drink, but if you are using smoothies to replace meals such as breakfast then you probably want to include some other food groups. Fruit and vegetables just give you carbohydrates, some fiber and, of course, vitamins and minerals, but if you add yogurt or even things like nuts or coconut oil, you can include healthy fats and protein in your smoothie or shake.

If you need to boost your protein, for example, you are trying to build muscle with a gym regimen, then you can also consider adding things like whey protein powder. Average humans need around 120-140 gms of protein every day to reach their protein goals. So apart from your diet and whey protein powder, you can also consider ready-made protein shakes like the ones offered by Fairlife. You can look at this fairlife protein shake review to know more about its nutrition profile and protein content. Ready-to-drink protein shakes can be a good way to keep protein levels up if you are cutting down on meat for your diet.

Use Vegetables in Your Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies do deliver you a tasty shot of vitamins, however, if you stick to fruit, you may find they contain more natural sugar than you really want if you are trying to keep calories down. Smoothie recipes that include vegetables, as well as fruit, will give you a wider nutritional spectrum, and also contain less sugar.

Green vegetables are always a good choice, and you can still add some berries or other fruits to add flavor. Tomato blends down easily and can add color and flavor. Carrot can also be a good smoothie ingredient, and most smoothie makers can handle blitzing its hard texture. Just make sure you have a good garbage disposal splash guard when you are preparing your smoothies, so you can easily and cleanly get rid of waste such as peel.


Another way you can make your smoothies more exciting and give them even more of a nutritional edge is to include herbs or spices in your blends.

Herbs like mint can make for a pleasant, refreshing taste, whereas things like chili, ginger or paprika can give your smoothie a zing. You can also try nutmeg and cinnamon for a warming taste that is ideal for breakfast on a cold morning.

Making smoothies is easy and it is fun to experiment with different combinations, however, to get the best advantages from the smoothies you drink, be sure not to limit yourself to just the obvious fruits and berries!