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What Should You Do While Searching Tasty Food in Christchurch

You might already know that visiting Christchurch must always be on your list. Every traveller (and resident alike) would get obsessed with the city. You will be immensely amazed by the gardens and beach. and other attractions which are generously sprawled throughout the city. Even if you have lived in this city, you would find some place that you might not have visited before – all that you would need is a good car and some good quality but cheapest tyres in christchurch and you would be all raring to go! However, this place is not only famous for the attractions but it is also popular in regards to the jobs it offers. This can be an ideal place for a family holiday. In this whole adventurous journey you might need a list which could offer you tasty food and that without spending much. This article has covered all the details regarding what you should do while searching tasty food in christchurch. If you are excited to know the must-visit places then dig straight into the article below.

Do not forget farmers market

If as a traveller you have not visited Christchurch’s farmer market situated at Riccarton House and Bush then you have no justice. Make sure to visit the place on saturday and that too between 9 am to 1pm. This market is different as there is a glaring free music which you can enjoy here while shopping your favorite items and Best Food in chch.

Pay visit to Hagley Park and Botanic Park

If you have always wondered why this place is often referred to as the garden of the city then you will find the answer in hagley park and botanic gardens. You will find yourself walking through gardens meaning discovering something absolutely new. The peacock fountain will surely amaze you. While searching for Best Food in chch, it is the best option to walk through the adjacent garden and park with your buddies to form never forgetting memories. 

Educate yourself at the Canterbury Museum

While searching for Best Food in chch, do not forget to lead your way towards Canterbury Museum . This will is absolutely free and will equip you with NZ’S history. If history really interests you then for a deeper understanding you can visit quake city as you will get to see things through a certain lens and perspective.

Find Best Food in chch while walking along New Brighton Pier

While searching for Best Food in chch do not forget to walk out to sea. The best thing is that you can do more than just walking. You can surely surf and sun bath.  The best part about walking in New Brighton suburb is the discovery of several shops. As you walk along , you will discover some Best Food in chch in the cafes.

Bridle Path Walk

When you are looking for the Best Food in chch, you can always enjoy the view from the bridle path walk which starts below the gondola. You can go there without a car through metro bus number 28.

Quail Island

There are several other resorts which you should take for finding the Best Food in chch but do not forget to check quail island as you see shipwrecks , err, and other exciting colonies.