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TV unit decor ideas – Ready assembled high gloss TV units

Television brings the family together. Children do homework as their favourite cartoon plays in the background. People bring their hot meals on trays to the room and watch the evening bulletin together. On weekends, families like to munch on popcorn as they watch a movie. However, TV is not just part of an informal routine. It mellows the social awkwardness when you are entertaining. It only makes sense that people want to spend on a large screen TV for their living room that is fitted with a classy TV stand.

If you are looking to renovate your TV unit, high gloss TV stands are all the rage right now. Here are a couple that are sure to wow everyone.

Celia High Gloss Plasma TV Stand

This TV unit is as sleek as a paper clip, a simple and shiny design that adds a touch of modern flair. It’s not bulky, so it won’t hog up a ton of space in your room, giving it a clean and modern look. The main body is painted in a crisp white, but the two drawers are in a classy lacquered grey. And here’s the cool part – these drawers don’t make any annoying noise; a gentle push and they pop right out.

Need a spot for your coffee table books or to flaunt your vinyl collection? There’s extra storage space for that. The top surface is flat, perfect for arranging fresh flowers in a vase right next to your TV. Plus, there’s a built-in space for your DVD player.

Now, here’s the thing, you might get this TV unit in various sub-units that you can put together and place your TV on top. If the idea of assembling it yourself gives you a headache, no worries. You can call up a local handyman in Arlington, TX (or wherever you are), and they’ll handle the assembly for you. Once it’s all set up, this TV unit is likely to steal the spotlight in your room.

Wexford TV Stand in White High Gloss with Oak

This is one of the cabinet style TV stands. The body of the TV unit is in white high gloss with oak insets in four open compartments. It is wider, but it can be placed next to a painted wall. The unit comes with two drawers that have sleek oak handles attached for the opening. Each door opens up to two separate compartments. When closed, the oak handles line up with the oak compartments in the centre to form a symmetrical design.

Moreover, the open compartments offer plenty of space for storing DVD players, CDs, vinyl and TV remotes. Another attractive feature is that the compartments are lit up with warm LED lights. Moreover, there’s plenty of space on top to places vases, marble figurines and lamps.

Sienna TV Stand Unit in Black High Gloss with LED Lights

This is an all-black TV unit with a high gloss finish. The stand looks modern and will look great in a room designed in whites and greys. It comes with four drawers and a central storage unit with a glass shelf. The shelf is lit up with LED lights that can be changed to different colours as well as settings. There is enough space to store a stereo, DVD or entertainment unit which makes it an excellent choice for entertaining guests.

It is important to note that high gloss furniture may seem daunting to clean and maintain but a little dusting every day will keep it free of dust. Invest in a microfiber cloth, and it’ll keep your TV stand looking brand new.