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The success of a trade show

The success of a trade show for a sales and marketing company lies in its ability to set up an exhibition that will enable the company to market and attain set sales targets. This requires adequate preparation and awareness creation to inform potential clients of the show; an attractive display that catches the attention of potential customers; and an excellent sales team to convince customers to buy the products being offered. Here are some of the tips on how to achieve this.

Prepare the Sales and Marketing Team

Preparation ahead of time is one of the key factors to successful a trade show. Preparation of the sales and marketing team ensures that everybody is on the same page and has all the information required for the trade show. You need to determine the number and composition of the sales team. You also need to assign responsibilities, provide the schedule and communicate to the team members well in advance. Create a checklist of all the things that you will need before and after the show including the dress code during the trade show, the products that will be displayed, and exhibition materials. Pre-show visit to the site is also important for familiarization and determination of the arrangement and flow of items in the booth.

Convene a Pre-show Strategy Meeting

You need to strategize on a number of things before the big day. One of the key things is to determine the sales target. This can be benchmarked against the target that was achieved in the previous show. You also need to strategize and determine the sales and marketing techniques that will be used to attract and convince potential customers to buy your products. You may consider using sales personnel, offering products at discounted prices, giving additional free products to customers who buy a certain quantity, giving a money-back guarantee to customers within a certain period, and giving tickets or prize money to customers who win contests. The marketing strategy may also entail having a strategic location where potential customers can easily locate your booth.

Develop an elaborate Advertising Strategy

Advertising enables potential customers to be aware of the products that you are offering at the exhibition. So, it would make more sense to utilize the power of different types of adverts. For instance, you can go for image adverts, which can clearly state your message. Professionals, however, would recommend that you create a few demo image adverts and get them tested before publishing them on the Internet. This is pretty easy to do if you seek the help of an ad pretesting tool that can help you to Test image adverts with 100 real people within two hours and let you know where you stand. Social media is one of the biggest platforms where you can publish them once you are sure that they would work well. Create awareness prior to the main day by creating an event and inviting people through your social media platforms. Alternatively, you can make use of video adverts — think YouTube Adverts that can reach more than 1000 people at one time. You can get them streamed on different platforms. During the show go live on your social media platforms, tag your location and post pictures and videos of your products, and encourage your followers to share. At the booth consider having a well-known influential personality to attract potential clients, using HD screens with eye-catching videos and images of your products, give flyers that you can have made up on websites like, T-Shirts, pamphlets and reading materials containing information about your products, office locations, contacts and possibly social media accounts.

Have an Eye-Catching Display at the Exhibition

The trade show experts at ExpoMarketing work to attract the attention of potential customers to your booth. Ensure that there is adequate lighting with attractive colors. Arrange your products in an attractive and simple pattern. The booth exhibitors ought to be dressed in an appealing yet professional manner. Use music, prize wheels, comedians, contests, and games to enhance your display. You can utilize huge banners and displays to direct the attention of customers toward your booth. By employing a few advertising methods and features such as pop-up displays, printed carpets, backdrops, etc., you can increase sales and grow your business through a trade show. To find a service that can assist you with such advertising materials, you can check out a company like D’Andrea Visual Communications near your location. Finally, this way, you can capture potential leads and do follow-ups.

A successful trade show can make your business popular within the local community and attract people who might be interested in investing in your business. Moreover, you get a chance to put your ideas and products out there in front of people to understand the demand for your merchandise. Proper exposure could get you a potential opportunity to expand your business as well.