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Should you eat less meat?

It’s been a topic of debate in the news and by environmental organizations for the past few months, but what exactly is the science and evidence behind eating less meat? In fact, people are starting to make a conscious choice to eat less meat, not only to make a change in their own diet and lifestyle, but also as are interested in the impact that mass meat production has on the ecosystem and animal welfare. So, if the idea of eating less meat brings you out in a sweat – and you can’t imagine living without your usual weekly steak – then worry not. You can begin by making a few small changes, to see if eating less meat is a lifestyle and choice that you decide to stick to in the longer term.

Be a Flexitarian?

Yes, that really is a known term. Being a Flexitarian means that you choose to follow a primarily vegetarian or vegetable-based diet, with the occasional meal that incorporates meat, fish or eggs. Ok, this might have turned into a full-blown fashion and beauty trend, but eating less meat does have benefits for your entire body. If you are trying to improve your complexion, and are keen to shift a few stubborn pounds, then it’s time to load up your plate with fresh produce and cut back on processed and meat products. Sure, you don’t need to commit to becoming a vegan, but trying this way of eating may surprise you and see you make a change in how you eat and plan your meals – the Flexitarian way.

External impacts

If you continue to buy low-cost, inexpensive cuts of mass-produced meat then you are supporting a whole range of global issues without you even realizing. In fact, mass meat production means that animals are kept in appalling conditions, and in some cases they never even see actual sunlight. Plus, eating red meat in particular means you are even contributing to climate change – as in some countries, farmers are actively taking part in large-scale deforestation, cutting down sections of the rainforest to provide their livestock with new pasture to graze.

Small changes

If you are keen to eat more vegetables, but still find yourself spending a small fortune on buying produce at the store, then you could even consider growing your own at home. There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables at home, plus you can ensure that they are organic too – by making your own fertilizer and not using any harmful chemicals. Online resources including i garden planting provide reviews and advice for any budding gardeners. So what are you waiting for? Get planting.

Making an active decision to eat less meat, and incorporate more vegetables into your diet has benefits for your entire family. Consider being a Flexitarian, and only eating animal products once or twice a week. You could also consider the environmental impacts of mass meat production, and how your change will be reducing these. Finally, if you struggle to eat your greens, then why not grow your own? Eating less meat is easy!