Healthy Lifestyle

Rediscovering the Essentials of Healthy Living

In many areas of our lives that have anything to do with personal development, we’re generally made to measure our own situations against those of other people. Financially you’re encouraged to be grateful that there are a lot of other people who are in a worse situation that you find yourself in and you’re willed to “count your blessings” if you “woke up healthy this morning” in comparison to someone who might have suffered a life-altering disability, for instance.

Pretty much the same applies to the suggested approach to healthy living.

That’s not how it should be though, because different circumstances apply to different people and they are as unique as each individual is. Yes, it’s okay to perhaps model some goals you may have around the success that’s seemingly attained by someone else in the area you’re looking to attain success, but by no means should some kind of common standard make for the cast iron yardstick against which you measure where you want to be.

For example, fitness means something different to a bodybuilder than it does to a semi-pro soccer player. Pilots might consider their eyesight to be the foremost important part of healthy living. They might make sure that they get vision correction procedures from clinics like SharpeVision (learn more at when they face vision problems. In the same way, the healthcare scenario means something different to a middle-aged office worker than it does to a young office worker. How about a senior citizen who is recovering from or trying to manage one of the illnesses identified to be covered under the Energy Workers Compensation Program? To someone who is of this demographic, their health and fitness regime could never be expected to be a carbon copy of someone’s who perhaps realizes that they need to get more exercise and eat healthier, if they’re having to manage an illness associated with beryllium sensitivity, for instance. So as much as there are some common areas in which each individual’s personal development goals overlap, no two personal development goals could ever be completely identical.

Again, this applies to health and fitness too, which is why there’s a need to re-establish the essentials of healthy living, except this time taking into account how unique every individual’s situation is.

For the most part, healthy living is about existing within a body that feels good to be in, which of course would naturally include the immediate environments that the body is exposed to. For instance, those elders who are residing in senior assisted living in Rockville NY, could most probably thrive best in that given environment. They might have gotten adjusted to that space in such a way, that they feel the most comfortable around there. The same can be said in this context. It’s something like taking proactive steps to avoid one day waking up with something like a toothache as just one of many ailments which start to flare up, something which unfortunately proves to be quite challenging. Proactive health also includes doing things like taking out health insurance so that if you have a terrible accident or you develop an illness, your treatment is covered. Medi-Cal insurance is one example of health insurance you may want to explore further, so if you don’t have health insurance, it’s important that you don’t delay getting it.

It’s definitely not at all easy to put in the work in the gym and carefully plan a generally healthy diet if the effects of living healthy in that way aren’t immediately visible. However, that’s why Mother Nature rewards such efforts with near-immediate results of looking and feeling good, such as how your skin might clear up and how you might find that you suddenly have so much more energy to get you through the day, without having to stop and re-fuel with coffee, energy drinks and all manner of other quick-fixes.

The essentials of healthy living are unique to each individual, in response to each individuals own unique health and fitness needs.