When you are expecting a newborn, you have so many concerns running through your mind. You want your baby safe, you want your baby happy, and you want your baby to learn as much as possible. Now while you’re worried about everything else, I have placed this article to help you simplify your job at least some. I cannot swoop in and take everything off your shoulders; however, I can give you a little bit of information in one place.

Pack and Plays/Play Yards

There really isn’t much of a difference in the two. They are both called either name at either point in time. However, we are all familiar with their uses. They are used anywhere, either home or for travel, for napping, changing baby, or play pen. In some cases, they replace cribs altogether for baby. The best way to figure out which one to get is to list exactly what you want and what you need for your precious little one.


There are two models that are commonly used to categorize the play pens, standard and deluxe. Standard models are more built to be easily folded and moveable. These usually include a bag to place them in. The deluxe models are heavier and can have a lot more storage area placed on it. The storage hampers can be removed; however, the frame still holds its weight.


Now while some are plain, there are others that come with different features. There are some that have a bassinet that is able to be placed with it. There are some that have car seats or rockers that can be attached. Then you have those that have changing tables that can be placed on them. While the changing tables are great, it is best to use them until baby is four months. As they get bigger, their weight on the changing tables becomes a safety issue. Most of these are listed on Pack n’ Play Reviews website.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now while everything looks amazingly awesome, it makes your life simpler if you get only what you need. You do not need everything that is posted up to buy on a local shopping site. As wonderful as it would be to have absolutely everything, chances are, baby will grow way too fast for you to be able to use them all. Choose something that will last with your baby and make a good use for your money.