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Fashion is ever-changing. A new year and a new season prompts a change in style and contributes to the evolution of fashion trends. Change in fashion trends is inspired by how celebrities dress or what is hot on fashion ramps.

A change in Fashion trend can be marked through style, fabric, accessories, colours etc. The 2019 trends are varied and expansive, inspired by many different things and eras. Sustainability and utility are also a huge part of 2019 Fashion trends.

The most popular style trends of 2019 include pastels, bold colours, a variety of patterns and designs, feathers and fringes, suits and rompers, athleisure and much more. Accessory trends of 2019 include buckets hats, oversized hats, belts, fanny packs and shrunken handbags.

Colour trends:

The colour trends of 2019 belong to two extremities, pastels and bold colours. Bold colours look good in every fabric. Monochromatic clothes look sleek and sophisticated all they while giving a bright and cheery vibe. Bold colours can be used as casual and dressy; a pop of bright colour is always a good idea. This trend of bright, bold colours ties to the rising trend of nostalgic ’80s.

The Monochromatic trend is also very much distinguished with pastels. Baby blues, pinks and lavender are to-go pastel colours in 2019.

Another 2019 trend that cannot be ignored is that of Neon colours. Neon pink, green and purple are combined with neutral coloured pieces of clothing for a fresh and great look. Neon is everywhere in 2019. Shoes, jackets, accessories, tees, athleisure (such as pieces from Gym King), all are prominent in 2019 fashion. Neon accessories including bags, purses and hats are also being used to add a pop of colour to casual outfits.

Prints and Patterns:

Prints and patterns will never go out of style.

In 2019 there is a definite rise of fame of animal prints, but it is branching away from zebra and feline prints to other prints such as snakeskin etc. Reptile prints are quite in demand. Menswear has also seen dominant reptile skin trend for jackets and accessories.

Besides animal prints, there’s a prominent influence of heritage prints, geometric prints, art and deco prints including nostalgic prints inspired by 1920s. This trend of patterns is treated as nostalgia. Bohemian prints and trendy African inspired printed apparel are very much in demand. Clothes with nostalgic and heritage prints are in demand due to their bold colours.

Fringe and Feathers:

Fringe and feathers are a trend that is glaringly prominent in 2019’s clothing lines. Feathers adorn clothes, shoes and hats. Fringe is also found everywhere, from clothing to shoes and bags.

Suits and skirts:

After a long rule of jeans, the fashion trend of 2019 is leaning more towards skirts than jeans and pants. Flowy skirts with retro blouses are becoming more popular.

Besides skirts, the trend of suits is at a rise again. 2019 is a year of clean-cut, slim suits. The classic look of a well-tailored outfit is sought after by many stylists now.