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How to tell if your business should order some kraft paper bags

The overall branding and identity of a business can have an impact on the types of products and marketing materials that you use to reach and interact with your customer. If you are a retailer that deals in smaller items, deciding on the right shopping bag to distribute to your customers is a big commercial decision to make.

There are a wide variety of options on the market, ranging from plastic bags to standard paper bags and a number of other types. Some businesses are opting for more specialist ‘kraft paper bags’.

What are kraft paper bags?

For a paper bag to be considered a kraft paper bag it needs to have a few additional features and elements. For example, most kraft paper bags tend to be made of high-quality recycled paper. You can usually tell this by the feel of the bag. The handle of the bag is also important. Standard paper bags will normally only come with a low-quality thin paper handle.

On the other hand, kraft paper bags will normally have the option of a variety of different handles. Ranging from ribbon to string. This added variety is one of the reasons why many business and shoppers are on the hunt for good quality kraft paper bags.

In addition to the handle and paper quality, many kraft paper bag manufacturers also ensure that their product is made from FSC approved brown kraft paper. This logo is one of the quickest ways to evaluate the quality of a paper bag.

The way a bag is manufactured can also hint as to whether it is a kraft paper bag. If there are some subtle hand-finished features and organic materials have been used in the whole process, it will hint that you are buying a kraft paper bag.

What kind of business suits kraft paper bags?

Kraft paper bags are much better for the overall buyer experience than normal ones, and many shops have recognised this. If you market yourself as a small boutique store, then kraft paper bags will work well with the image of your brand. Having said, with the correct design, any business with physical products could benefit from the introduction of kraft paper bags.

Where can I buy some good quality kraft paper bags? If the reasons listed above have persuaded you on the virtues of kraft paper bags, then now is the perfect time to start ordering them. Look for a manufacturer who sells kraft paper bags that are FSC regulated with wide flexibility in terms of design and material and you will be onto a winner.