Food and Recipes

Food Options For Events Both Big and Small

Food is at the center of many celebrations. That means if you’re ever organizing some event, you have to know how to put together the menu and the serving options, regardless of the size of the gathering itself.

It’s not a bad idea to understand options regarding catering, bulk shopping and cooking, the potluck format, or the purchase-as-necessary method. As long as you know the approximate number of people that are going to be attending something, you should be able to work backward from that and figure out supplies, cooking materials like pots and pans and paper plates, and have backup plans in case things go awry as necessary.


For more significant or more professional vents, consider that catering may be your best option. Food professionals know their food. And they know their events. So it makes sense if you’re going to have more than a dozen people or so at a location that you aren’t the most familiar with, catering is going to be your best option. There are catering companies that have fantastic and flexible menus as well, so there’s almost always a way to customize your budget and your needs with them as required.

Bulk Shopping and Cooking

If you are going to do the preparing for a significant food-centric event, the new need to do some bulk shopping in advance. This is a great way to stay on budget, as long as you know the approximate proportions and percentages of how your food is going to go together regarding the main and side dishes. Other things that might help with this is using coupons to save on your grocery bill such as those provided on this website, this will save you a lot of money. You also need to start your cooking process far enough in advance that you utilize all of your pots and pans and stove area in the most efficient way possible.

Potluck Format

If you want to take out some of the personal efforts you have to put into cooking for a major event, use the potluck format. Everybody brings a dish to pass! There might be a lot of green bean salads and mashed potatoes, but at least nobody is going to be hungry, and you don’t have to foot the entirety of the food budget. If you have good cooks in your family, this is an excellent option as well.

Purchase as Necessary

If you don’t want to waste any food, you can try out the purchase-as-necessary plan. As soon as you start running out of food at your event, send someone to the store to buy more. A classic example will be if you have not chosen potato chips at a sports gathering. When something starts to run low, have someone run to the nearest store and get more. This is a better way to stay on a budget, and it does ensure that you don’t waste anything by buying too much initially.