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Clean Eating on Car Trips

Road warriors everywhere know that eating in the car can be a tricky endeavor. Drinks spill, french fries fall to nether regions below the seats, sticky spots appear out of nowhere and the mess piles upon itself during each commute. If you spend long stretches in the car and are forced to also use it as a dining room table, here are a few gadgets you’ll want to check out. And, when you decide it’s time to clean up the food debris mess growing in your vehicle, check out for tips and tricks on cleaning your car’s interior just like the pros do.

You won’t want to use this car gadget while actively driving, but there is a company that makes a tray that can attach directly to your steering wheel providing a dining surface on your front lap. The tray is large enough to fit your entire meal and even has a holder for your drink. Another gadget company put their own twist on the car plate with their version that balances by way of a cup holder. A long, articulating arm is attached to a dinner plate that can be used to balance your food and can be moved wherever it is most convenient. Then there’s the Beltz Bib. This is a gadget you wear that attached to the shoulder strap of your seat belt. It’s designed to catch any food that falls while you’re eating in the car in a large pocket on your lap. Of course, most people have seen the French fry holder that fits neatly into your cup holder and sized perfectly for a piping hot order of spuds for the neighborhood Golden Arches. Figuring out how to eat a super sized French fry while driving has been a problem that’s plagued humanity for centuries. It’s about time someone solved it for good.

Of course, there are gadgets that do their part to help your car from becoming a pig sty after each meal. Trash cans perfectly sized for your vehicle are readily available. Some types fit on the back of the passenger seat while others sit steadily on the back seat floor. If your kids are the ones who enjoy snack or meal time in the car, you might pick up a pack seat organizer for their sake and your sanity. These cool gadgets hang from the back of either the driver or passenger seat with functional pockets for treats and trash.