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Nourish Your Body with Every Bite

Every meal we consume is an opportunity to nourish our bodies, mind, and soul. Food, in its essence, is not just fuel but a complex web of nutrients that affect our overall well-being. Unfortunately, Read More

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Many people who decide to go on a vegan or vegetarian diet will wonder what the benefits of a vegan diet are. They are usually interested in the health benefits since eating a vegan Read More

Plant milk a ‘threat’ to IQ of unborn children

The fashion for alternatives to cow’s milk, such as soya, almond and coconut drinks, is putting women at risk of giving birth to children with low IQs, a professor will warn at a conference Read More

Eat vegan, clean or organic food on a student budget

When James McAvoy’s character leaves home for university in the 2006 film Starter for 10, his mother’s last forlorn piece of advice rings briefly in his ears; don’t forget to eat some fruit and vegetables. Read More