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Best Places To Catch A Meal In Tampa

Most people travel to Tampa, Florida to enjoy the sunshine and the beach. However, there is much more to do in Tampa than lie in the sun. The dining opportunities in Tampa are second to none, and you’ll enjoy more than just the flavor of the food.

Dining in Tampa is an experience. Turn yourself on to the tastes of Florida, and check out what Tampa’s culinary scene has to offer at As a matter of fact, we have brought you a brief overview of some of Tampa’s shining examples of yumminess.

Fine dining experiences

Dinner is when you pull out all the stops, and take your woman (or man) to a fancy dinner. Fine dining is one of Tampa’s strong suits, and you won’t have any trouble finding a place to woo your partner’s taste buds.

Ocean Prime – An award-winning place, the Ocean Prime was realized by renowned restaurateur Cameron Mitchell. The energy in the place is just as exquisite as the food.

The Capital Grille – If you want seafood and steak, The Capital Grille has everything you seek. Just make certain you have a designated driver, as the bar is as appealing as the cuisine. Drunk driving in Tampa is simply a recipe for disaster.

Breakfast foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you certainly don’t want to miss breakfast while you’re traveling. Breakfast is vital to making the most of your day of exploration, and Tampa has just the place to catch this pivotal meal.

  • First Watch – First Watch has plates to satiate your healthy dietary needs. They can serve you a gluten-free meal, a vegan meal, or a traditional American breakfast. Whatever the case may be their flavor profile is second to none.
  • Samaria Cafe – Samaria can also serve all of your special dietary needs, but they serve a different flavor of cuisine. Greek, American, and cafe are all words used to describe this excellent breakfast spot.

Where to grab lunch

Lunch gives you the fuel to continue with your adventures in the middle of the day, and there’s plenty of goodness to be uncovered in Tampa.

  • Wright’s Gourmet House – This place will give you one of the best sandwich experiences of your life. You can also find some very tasty cake at the Wright’s Gourmet House. It sounds expensive, but the pricing here is rather fair.

Where to taste local cuisine

There’s no better route to explore with your palate than that of the local cuisine. The best thing about Tampa is that it’s a cultural melting pot. Here are a couple of the best places to start getting a taste of Tampa’s local flavor.

  • Columbia Restaurant – Get a taste of the Spanish/Cuban cuisine of Tampa, and make a reservation ahead of time at Columbia Restaurant. It’s more of an upscale establishment, so no sleeveless shirts.
  • Datz Tampa – The people who run this restaurant take pride in their ability to explore the mixture of flavor. Datz Tampa is described as American, bar, and gastropub dining.