When we established this website, we had no strategic plan to grow an audience and just did it for the love of blogging. Looking back, I now realize that our passion to provide strong content drove its growth. Along the way, we learned how our growth could benefit others, and how running a successful website is as much about collaboration as it is about providing strong content.

When we hit 5000 readers, we were approached byseveral local businesses, wishing to advertise their products and services here. They had become aware of our growing online presence, both of this website, as well as on the different social media platforms.

Despite our admitted lack of knowledge, we made advertising space available to those businesses and were pleased find out, that advertising here provides plenty of rewards. All our initial advertisers reported increases in sales and website hits, to the extent that they wanted to build long-term business relationships. We gladly obliged, and many of those original advertisers are still with us today.

Realizing that we had stumbled upon real potential for our website as well as our advertisers, we learned the craft of providing profitable advertising space, and we are currently making more space available. If your business provides products or services connected to the content of this site, please get in touch and find out about our advertising packages. Our rates are competitive, and we have packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

Our Audience – Your Target Group

Our numbers a growing steadily from month to month. Currently, we have 11’000 unique monthly readers to this website, and thousands of social media followers. When you advertise here, you’ll find readers who are interested in all matters food or in family stuff.

Provided your business sells services or products for our target group, your advertisement will perform well here. We’ve pitched our rates to deliver a high return on investments because we do not want to waste people’s time or money.

Keep in mind that, compared to print or radio advertising, online advertising is far more targeted. Only people with an interest in the content will visit the site. Therefore, a relatable ad from a reputable business will be seen by the right people. Your ad stays live 24/7, increasing your reach even further. If your ad is strong and evocative, people are likely to share it on social media.

Online advertising has quickly become the number one advertising vehicle for precisely those reasons. By investing a relatively small amount of money in online advertising, you can reach people across the globe throughout the day and night. What’s more, the people who see your ad are interested in what you have to offer.

Simple Process

Advertising here is simple. On initial contact, we ensure that your products or services could benefit our audience. Supply as much information as you can, and we will send you our introductory information package. In it, you’ll see the various advertising options, though I would like to stress that we tailor the packages to suit your needs. We then arrange a conversation and go on to jointly choose a viable option. Subsequently, we create a strong advertisement for you and choose the best location for it on our website.

Once your ad goes live, we monitor its performance to ensure it’s doing its job. You may also supply us with an ad for publication if you so wish.