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5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

When you have a family, you want to create moments with your family to build the most extensive collection of happy memories as possible.  Your home’s kitchen is one of the most capable stages for these scenes to play out.  

If you’re having trouble crafting the right sort of environment to draw your family into the kitchen, try doing a little design research.  Start now, and read through some helpful tips to make your kitchen a more inviting space for the whole family.  

Focus on a good seating arrangement

If you want friends and family to be comfortable in your kitchen, you need to have comfortable seating options.  People won’t linger in a kitchen that has no place to sit or chairs that do a number on your bottom.  

If you’re looking to save space and add seating at the same time, consider adding seating around an expanded countertop or transform the island into a great place to sit.  Bench seating offers comfort and added storage in your space.  

Bring some color to the table

Adding color to your kitchen space can be done in more ways than one.  A splash of colorful paint on an accent wall, a backsplash, and even some fresh fruit in a basket can all work to bring color to your kitchen.  

You may also choose to add color to your kitchen space by using natural words in your furniture and countertop design.  Adding natural color will bring peace and balance to the area, making it prime space for chilling with friends/family.  

The lighting is important 

The lighting in any space is crucial, and it’s even more important to get the lighting in the kitchen right.  You want your kitchen to be bright with light.  Bright and clean make people want to take their time eating a meal. There are some great art light fixtures you can invest in which can instantly brighten a space and make it more inviting.  

If you have covered the windows in the kitchen, set them free! Open the blinds, or swing open the curtains to let the sun bring new life to your space. 

Reduce the clutter in the space

The mess on your countertops impedes the comfort of your kitchen.  Cleaning up the clutter in the kitchen will do more than you think it will do to make the space more inviting.  

Find ways to hang extra pots and pans.  Magnetize a space for your most usable knives and other tools.  When everything has a place, the space is easier to manage.  

Keep everything nice and clean

Keeping your kitchen clean is the trump card.  No matter how much work you put into creating a welcoming, comforting space, it will all be for naught if you don’t keep the place clean.  

Clean as you cook to help relieve the after dinner duties, and take special time each week to do some deeper cleaning in the space.