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5 Signs Your Parent May Require Senior Care

As your parents age, they’ll start to require more and more help. Their bodies aren’t as strong as they used to be, and their memories may be fading. The question becomes, when is it time to step in and consider senior care? Will you be looking to consider retirement or care home facilities, or perhaps even in home care for sale to allow them some independence in a familiar space?

The idea of bringing it up to them may seem daunting since it’s likely that reject it. Seniors are used to their independence and mobility. So it’s likely that suggesting that they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves has the potential to agitate them.

However, it’s vital for their well-being to consider whether it might be the best choice. If you’ve been wondering whether it may be time for your parents to receive senior assistance, then here are some of the biggest indications that point towards yes.

Forgetting Things More Frequently

Have you started noticing your parents forgetting simple things like their phone number, or birthdays? Have they started putting things in strange places because they forgot where it belongs?

It’s crucial that they are assessed by a geriatric professional. They’ll be able to take a look at whether it’s a simple case of age-related memory loss or whether they’re suffering from something more serious, like dementia.

After a professional assesses their condition, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether you want to move forward with senior care or no

Unable To Get Around

Despite how much your parents may want to believe that they’re still self-sufficient, they can be a danger to themselves. As they get older, it may be incredibly challenging to do something as simple as get up from a chair.

They could seriously injure themselves without someone there to help them.

If they’re clearly having issues getting around their home, then it’s a strong indication that they require assistance to increase their mobility. However, if you are unable to convince them that they need assistance, there are several websites like Seniors Joy where you will find enough information, resources and products suited for senior citizens to take care of themselves.

Poor Hygiene

A big red flag that your parent may be having trouble caring for themselves is a change in hygiene. Do you find that their hair is more disheveled than usual, or they smell like they weren’t able to wash themselves properly?

Old age can lead to a lack of awareness of personal hygiene. Professional caregivers are there to ensure that your parent is thoroughly bathed and dressed.

Illness or Disabilities

If your parent has an illness or a physical disability, then there’s a strong possibility that they require professional help around the clock.

Change in Personality

When your parents’ personality drastically changes, it’s something to look at more closely. Do they get agitated easily, or have they started talking differently? If you notice any odd behavior, then you may want to start considering it could be the onset of dementia.