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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Alcohol

When it comes to drinking, there are a lot of ways to mistakes. Although drinking is accepted in a wide variety of situations, that doesn’t mean there are plenty of bad behaviors to look out for.

All it takes is a few too many drinks for things to go south. To help you avoid awkward and even dangerous situations involving drinking, here are some common mistakes to keep an eye out for.

Not Arranging a Ride Home

You’ve probably heard by now that drinking and driving is illegal. Even one cocktail before getting behind the wheel can lead to getting a DUI. Therefore, it’s essential to think ahead and arrange a ride.

A lot of people want to save money on a cab and drive themselves following an event where alcohol was present. However, the cost of paying for the other driver’s medical bills costs much more than a taxi.

If you know that you’ll be drinking, plan on asking a designated driver to take you home, or arrange a cab. It’s not worth taking the risk of drinking and driving. Taking unwanted risks such as this would lead you to incur a DUI, which would in turn, need you to get in touch with experts from firms like Salwin Law to help you out in this difficult situation.

Arriving Empty Handed To The Party

If you’re invited to someone’s house for a party or dinner where alcohol will be consumed, you should always arrive with additional booze. Your choice of what drink to bring may vary depending on the meal or type of event.

It’s considered rude to show up empty-handed. That doesn’t mean that you have to arrive with a fancy bottle of champagne, but you should bring something to contribute.

Not Eating Enough Food

If you plan on drinking more than a glass or two, you should always eat enough beforehand. Drinking on an empty stomach is a fast way to get drunk and potentially make a fool of yourself.

You should eat something substantial before drinking rather than a light salad or soup. Most seasoned pro’s know that a long night of drinking calls for a burger or pizza if you want to avoid getting too drunk.

Putting Mixers In Premium Alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with ordering spirits and mixers. However, if you’re drinking top-shelf premium liquor, it’s a crime to mix with cheap soda or juice. Dumping a mixer on top of a refined liquor is like drinking a diet coke with a fine steak. Don’t spoil it for your palette!

If you’re drinking fine spirits, you should drink them alone or with a splash, nothing more!

Taking Shots

Although shots are fun when you’re young in college, there’s no need to take shots any more after a certain age. Not only will you get drunk and potentially make poor decisions, but you’re much more likely to wake up the next day with a blinding headache.