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5 Benefits that Come with Cafetière Coffee

A cafetière, sometimes referred to as a French press, is used to brew coffee. The raw grounds from somewhere like Seven coffee roasters are placed in the cafetière along with hot water, then a plunger is pressed down to leave nothing but the coffee itself. Whether you’re serving coffee in a café or providing it at the end of a meal in your restaurant, it makes sense to go for a cafetière, and here are just five reasons why:

  1. Richer Body

A cafetière is a ‘filterless’ method of making coffee, meaning that the essential oils found in the ground coffee are allowed to come in direct contact with the boiling water. With more compounds extracted, coffee from a French press will have a fuller body, somewhat creamy compared to the simpler body of a coffee made using instant mix or a traditional drip filter.

  1. Sophisticated Flavour

It isn’t just the body of the coffee that will be fuller when you use a cafetière – the flavours will also be far richer. Again, that’s because more compounds are extracted when the ground coffee comes in contact with the drink instead of being filtered out. When you drink such coffee, you’ll notice a wonderful fusion of complementary flavours, much like you would while drinking a glass of good wine.

  1. Convenient to Carry

A cafetière is completely manual, requiring no batteries or electrical cords, and you can have them made for multiple cups or for single cups. This is great for dining establishments because the cafetière can be carried to a table and then left there unsupervised. Patrons can pour out more coffee as they wish, and they’ll be able to exert some control over how strong it is.

  1. Perfectly Simple

Cafetière coffee might boast richer flavours, but the press itself is very simple. In fact, there are only two parts. That makes a cafetière very easy to use and very easy to clean, so you can get one cleaned and ready to go again very quickly.

  1. Added Health Benefits

Finally, French press coffee carries several health benefits above and beyond your average cup of joe. That’s because more antioxidants and nutrients can enter the coffee instead of being snatched up by the filter.