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4 Simple Tips For a Cleaner Kitchen

A kitchen which is a mess isn’t a joy to work in. The clutter can make us feel uninspired and it can be difficult to make anything without feeling like you are sifting through a huge mess. When one feels inspired to prepare something they usually aren’t inspired by something created from the center of chaos.

Keeping your kitchen cleaner won’t only make your food taste better, but you will find that you enjoy the process of cooking much more. Try to remember that even though it’s not always fun cleaning, it’s important to try to do it every time that you cook. You will avoid illness and stress by picking up after yourself. Here are some of the most effective and simple ways to get started.

Organize It Intuitively

Some people have all of their utensils and pans shoved haphazardly into whatever drawer or cupboard that they can find with space. This can slow down your cooking process when you are looking for something specific and you have no idea where it is, in a pile of various random kitchen objects.

Rather than frustrate yourself and go nuts trying to fumble for it and find it as you cook, instead, opt to do a kitchen remodel. Makeover your kitchen and move everything exactly where you think it would be the most logical to be located. You’ll work much faster and feel much less frustrated overall.

Sweep Daily

Little crumbs and flakes are bound to happen after cooking to even the cleanest of cooks. It’s important to try to keep up with this mess in order to minimize things building up on your floor.

Not only does this make your kitchen less clean and pleasant, but it also can invite unwanted pests and critters to start invading your kitchen. Just run a broom through your kitchen lightly at least once a day at the end of your last meal. Otherwise, if you sweep too early in the day you’ll simply be creating another mess before the day has ended.

Always Wipe Surfaces

Surfaces can be deceiving in the kitchen. Even though you may think they’re clean because you don’t see anything, you may have an entire batch of bacteria breeding on surfaces that are naked to the eye. Sometimes having surfaces that are easy to clean and not porous, may make this easier. Stone and granite countertops can be suitable alternatives. You could search terms such as soapstone Denver or speak to a kitchen contractor to possibly find variations of countertops that may meet these standards if you were curious about this option.

Since this is a place where people eat and prepare fresh food, it’s important to always wipe it down. You can opt for an all natural solution such as vinegar, or something on the stronger side, like bleach or anything with antibacterial advertising.

Run Dishwasher Daily

It can be easy to let things pile up in our sink. Whether we are simply too tired to empty it or we are busy running around from work and home, it can quickly turn into a huge mess in no time. Therefore, try to get into the habit of running your dishwasher every day.