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3 Signs That You’re Letting Alcohol Get The Best Of You

While it can be fun to allow yourself to occasionally indulge in foods you know you really shouldn’t be eating or drinks that might make you a little tipsy, people often find themselves getting in over their heads when they participate in these types of activities too often. 

To be the healthiest version of yourself, you’ve got to find balance in enjoying the life you have while also being smart about the decision you’re making. So if you’re beginning to think that you might be off-balance in this manner, here are three signs to be on the lookout for that could indicate that you’re allowing your alcohol consumption to get the best of you. 

You Drink At Inappropriate Times Or Places

Drinking when you’re at a party or restaurant is one thing. But if you’re finding yourself drinking at times of the day when others normally wouldn’t be drinking or in locations when people typically don’t drink, this could be a red flag that your drinking is becoming out of control.

According to Dr. Timothy J. Legg, a contributor to, one time that people generally shouldn’t and aren’t drinking alcohol is in the morning. So if this is something that you’ve developed a habit of, it might be time to start cutting back. Additionally, if you find yourself sneaking drinks at places like work, church, or when you’re about to get behind the wheel, it might be time to recognize that you have a problem. 

You Use Any Excuse To Drink

Typically, people only drink excessively when there’s some kind of reason behind this indulgence, like they’re celebrating something. So if you’ve recently taken any excuse to drink alcohol or have begun finding excuse to drink heavily, you might need to consider getting help.

Carol Galbicsek, a contributor to Alcohol Rehab Guide, shares that many people who are developing alcoholism begin making excuses for why they need to be drinking as much as they are. For example, if you’ve thought or said that you need a drink to help you relax, relieve your stress, or feel normal, this could be a sign that you’re teetering very close to alcoholism. 

You Don’t Have Complete Control Over How Much You Drink

Although many people lose control over some things when they’ve had too much to drink, shares that if you have a pattern of not being able to stop drinking once you’ve started, you could be headed down a very slippery slope with your drinking habits. 

While drinking in moderation is usually fine for most people, excessive drinking can lead to many problems in your life and the lives of those you love. If you’ve noticed any of the above habits taking place regarding the alcohol you drink, consider how you can make some changes to find a better, healthier balance in your life.