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Pack and Plays: What to Expect

When you are expecting a newborn, you have so many concerns running through your mind. You want your baby safe, you want your baby happy, and you want your baby to learn as much Read More

Mark Zuckerberg announces birth of second daughter, August

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network just got a bit bigger. The Facebook chief executive has announced that his wife Priscilla Chan has given birth to the couple’s second daughter, August. In a post on his Read More

If you’re less than perfect, find another school

Imagine you’re a bright 17-year-old. After two years of sweating at GCSEs, trying to get the obligatory 11 shining A*s, you sit AS levels. Perhaps you’re a little burnt out; perhaps, as is common Read More

Disneyland bans boy, 3, from princess makeover

Disneyland Paris refused to let a three-year-old boy take part in its “princess for a day” experience because he was not a girl, his mother has said. Hayley McLean-Glass, from Paignton in Devon, said Read More

Charlie Gard’s mother helps parents of baby ‘given days to live by doctors’

Charlie Gard’s mother is helping a young family to save a toddler given “days to live” by doctors who say that he should be “allowed to die”. Alfie Evans has been in a coma Read More

Newborn babies at risk as Brexit threatens access to milk bank

Vulnerable newborn Irish babies could be denied life-saving breast milk in the case of a hard Brexit. The only bank of human milk in Ireland, based in Fermanagh, has told The Times that Irish maternity hospitals Read More

Blackmailer jailed for targeting teen who killed himself

A blackmailer whose teenage victim took his own life has been sentenced to four years in prison. Ronan Hughes, 17, from Co Tyrone, died in June 2015 after he was targeted by Iulian Enache, Read More

Mothers take own midwives into NHS hospitals

Women are paying private midwives to deliver babies in NHS hospitals as a charity says maternity services are “near to threadbare”. Ten NHS trusts have signed partnership deals allowing one private company to book Read More

Disposable camera trend rolls back years

For a holidaymaker in the 1990s it was the essential accessory. The plastic disposable camera had its drawbacks — a strict limit of 27 photos on a roll that took three days to develop Read More

How to put your children on a digital diet

It’s the all too common lament of parents during the holidays. From the moment they wake, our children’s default setting is to get on a screen. To make us feel worse, the children’s commissioner, Read More